Aileen Espíritu engaged as consultant by the Norwegian Red Cross

During the spring of 2008 Barents Institute Senior Researcher Dr. Aileen Espíritu will be conducting a field evaluation and review of the work of the Norwegian Red Cross in Northwest Russia
The Norwegian Red Cross has engaged Dr Aileen A. Espíritu as a consultant to undertake a Review of the Child Welfare Programme (CWP) in Northwest Russia. Aileen will act as the Team Leader working together with the Review Team consisting of both Russian and Norwegian volunteers and professionals. The field work component of the Review of the Child Welfare Programme will take place from 28 March -06 April 2008, assessing the on-site delivery of the Child Welfare Programme taking place in the Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, and Karelia Regions of Northwest Russia.

The Review is jointly initiated by, as well as, agreed between the Norwegian Red Cross (NRC) and the Russian Red Cross (RRC) as part of the monitoring and follow-up of the RRC-NRC Child Welfare Programme. The findings and recommendations from the Review will be used by the parties in the process of revising the CWP Agreement, due to be formally renewed as of 1 May 2008.

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