Pertti Joenniemi & Alexander Sergunin, The Model of Twin Cities: Experiences from Northern Europe

BAI on-line publication: Twin City Collaboration in Northern Europe

Several towns at borders in central and northern Europe have joined pairs to intensify cross-border collaboration. They have also formed the City Twin Association to further their interests and to exchange ideas. Kirkenes in northern Norway and nearby Russian town of Nikel have recently signed a memorandum declaring their intention to develop their joint projects in the spirit of European twin cities.

Trans-border and cross-border cooperation in a globalizing world takes many forms and engages a broad variety of actors and venues. Northeast Europe adds in this regard a rather unique and helpful experience as exemplified by the Barents and Baltic Sea regions, and initiatives such as the EU policy the Northern Dimension. It may be noted, however, that the frame and conditions of cooperation are not stable and un-changing. Instead, and owing to political and economic changes since the early 1990’s, some aspects have recently been re-thought with a new Northern Dimension policy emerging.

Pertti Joenniemi is Senior Research Fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) in Copenhagen and Alexander Sergunin is Professor at the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University, Russia. This is a Barents Institute Preprint of work in progress from Joenniemi and Sergunin’s on-going research.

The publication can be downloaded in PDF-format by the link under "Attached Documents" below (2,4MB). A standard laser print-out can be ordered from the Barents Insitute and sent by regular mail for 150 NOK.
Copyright © 2008 The Barents Institute and the authors.

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