Monthly Expenses Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel

Sample Budgeting Worksheets – Free Excel Budget Template Downloads

Download Microsoft Excel expense spreadsheets. Track income & expenses with sample budgeting worksheets. Get free example budget templates, suggested expense percentages.

Anyone familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of products may find it easier to use a household income & expenses spreadsheet instead of a handwritten budget to tackle the task of family budgeting.

Monthly Expenses Spreadsheets – Sample Excel Budget Worksheets

In this article, find out where to get several different monthly expense spreadsheets. One free budget template is profiled below, and there are links to three other articles that profile other sources of Excel budgeting spreadsheets.

Download Microsoft Office Templates, Free Budgeting Worksheets

The Microsoft Office website is a great source of free sample budgeting worksheets. The site currently has eighty-five free spreadsheet templates available for download. These files have been uploaded by the individuals or companies who created them, and they are all available free of charge. The version of Microsoft Excel that each budgeting worksheet is compatible with should be easily discernible on each file download page.

Personal Monthly Budget Example – Excel Spreadsheet Template

A popular monthly expenses spreadsheet on the Microsoft Office website, called “monthly family budget,” has been downloaded over 175,000 times. After 312 votes, it’s rated four out of five stars. This monthly expense worksheet is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2017.

This Excel budget worksheet is laid out in a typical format. Monthly household expenses are broken down into the following subcategories:

  • Children
  • Dues
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Gifts / Donations
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Loans
  • Personal Care
  • Savings / Investments
  • Taxes
  • Transportation

Once numbers are input into these categories, the spreadsheet automatically compares total projected costs to total actual costs, and spits out a total difference between the two. Users can input projected and actual monthly income as well to get the spreadsheet to calculate a projected versus actual overall net balance (i.e. monthly surplus or deficit).

Another Example Household Income & Expenses Spreadsheet

An even more popular monthly expenses spreadsheet on the Microsoft Office website is called “personal budget worksheet.” This file has been downloaded over 2.5 million times.

Free Monthly Expense Worksheet, Budget Spreadsheet Example

Anyone who wishes to use a program other than Microsoft Excel to budget may want to look for other websites that offer free monthly expense worksheets. Do My Excel Homework website offers a nice selection of templates that can be used with Google Docs and Open Office, in addition to Microsoft Excel.

Household Expense Percentages List for Excel Spreadsheet Templates

Although budget worksheets are handy, they don’t always come with suggested expense percentages for a typical family situation. The Crown Financial Ministries website offers a handy calculator that can help families allocate budget percentages across expense categories.


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Crown Financial Ministries website

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