Jessica M. Shadian & Monica Tennberg, Legacies and Change in Polar Sciences

New Book on Northern Science, Politics and Legal Issues

Providing the first comprehensive account to look explicitly at the relationship between global politics and science through an account of the International Polar Years (IPYs), this volume combines both interdisciplinary and multi-theoretical approaches to engage directly with the most recent debates in international relations scholarship.
Legacies and Change in Polar Sciences
Historical, Legal and Political Reflections on the International Polar Year
Dr. Jessica Shadian has, together with Prof. Monica Tennberg of the University of Lapland, edited an international volume on the crucial, but often overlooked, social, legal and political context of polar science. Among other Shadian conducted research and coordination for this publication as post-doc researcher of the Barents Institute in 2006-2008; she is now with the Bodø University College, Norway. Apart from the introductory chapter Shadian publishes an essay on “Science, Cooperation and Conflict in the Polar Region”, in this edition. By comparing the recently concluded IPY 2007-09 with its 19th and 20th century predecessors Urban Wråkberg of the Barents Institute contributes an essay on the complex and flexible meaning of tangible scientific manifestations in the northern field like research stations but also place-names and non-material iconic contributions to the public understanding of the north. His essay is titled "IPY Field Stations: Functions and Meanings" and part of the results of the Boreas: CEE research programme. Flyer with some further information on the edition, can be down-loaded here.
‘…provides an excellent collection of essays about the relationship between science and policy in the changing polar regions. It has a highly interdisciplinary approach and is produced in the twilight of the fourth International Polar Year.’
– Louwrens Hacquebord, Vice President, International Arctic Science Committee 2000-2008 and University of Groningen, The Netherlands
’As climate change and disputes over natural resources bring the Arctic and Antarctic into sharp focus, interest in these remote, fascinating, and strategic regions has intensified. This book is an all-in-one-place guide to key challenges in doing science and shaping policy from pole to pole, an indispensable resource for scholars and lay readers alike.’
– Ronald E. Doel, Florida State University, USA
The refereed edition is issued by Ashgate Publishing in their Global Interdisciplinary Studies Series. It is also distributed as an eBook.  The publication has been generously supported by a grant from the Norwegian Outreach Committee of the International Polar Year.
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