Research Fellows in residence at the Barents Institute

Victoria Tevlina, Prof. at the Dept. of Social Welfare of the Pomor State University in Arkhangelsk, Russia, is undertaking research at the Barents Institute in the project “Multicultural Aspects of the Development of Social Welfare Systems in Russia, Norway and Sweden, with a Special View on Conditions in the Barents Region.” Based on social and historical analysis the project aims to compare ideologies and explain contingencies in the developments of the Norwegian, Swedish and Russian welfare systems. Tevlina is trained at Petrozavodsk State University and holds an International Master Degree in Public Health from Umeå University, Sweden. She has served as Director of the Centre of Social Innovations at the Pomor State University, and among several awards may be mentioned her winning in 2006 of The President of the Russian Federation Individual Research Grant for eminent young doctors in social sciences. Read more
Aileen A. Espíritu, Assist. Prof. at the University of Northern British Columbia, holds a PhD in History from the University of Alberta, Canada. Her doctoral dissertation examined the impact of oil and gas development on indigenous peoples in Northwest Siberia, and analysed the industrialisation (Sovietisation) of their culture, economies, and way of life. Aileen has also done research on the quality of life of the Sakha people living in the diamond mining regions of the Sakha Republic, Russia. She is currently completing a project on the political participation of indigenous women and men in Northwest Siberia since the 1930s, and has just started a similar research project on gendered political participation of the Sámi of Northern Norway since 1945. Notable among several awards, she successfully has obtained funding from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Gorbachev Foundation (University of Calgary), The Royal Norwegian Embassy (Ottawa) and the Northern Land Use Institute (University of Northern British Columbia). Aileen’s research project at the Barents Institute is entitled “Service Provision, Environmental Management, and Sustainable Communities: a qualitative comparative study of Quality of Life in the Barents Region.” Espíritu commenced research at Kirkenes in July 2007. Read more
Fujio Ohnishi is visiting researcher of the Barents Institute in 2008–09 based on a stipend granted by the Research Council of Norway. He is studying the structure and functions of the Barents regional cooperation. He holds a PhD in International Relation from Nihon University, Japan where he also is Adjunct Lecturer in International Relations and Interdisciplinary Regional Studies, specialising on the Nordic countries. Based on his knowledge of Scandinavian languages he analysed in his thesis the peaceful steps in the settlement of the status and democratic structure of the islands of Åland, situated in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland Read more
Jessica Shadian concluded her post-doc research project at the Barents Institute in 2008 and is now senior researcher in Political Science and International Relations at the High North Center for Business and Governance, Bodø Graduate School for Business, Norway.
Zhanna Kasparyan, Expert Advisor at the Department of International Scientific Collaboration of the Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences is visiting fellow at the Barents Institute as part of the activities envisioned in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Barents Institute and the KSC in Apatity, Russia in August 2006. Her stay is part of the institutes programme to host visiting scholars, proposed by the KSC, during the spring and fall of 2007. Kasparyan is researching and writing a study on the socio-economic policies and practicies aiming for rehabilitation and disability care in the Barents Region. She compares the policies and their implementation in Russia and northern Scandinavia, and the regional size of the problem, aiming to establish the special needs in the north, while adjusting for uncertainty and incongruences in the statistical materials available.
Helena Jokila, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, Finland, is member of a research group in the field of critical jurisprudence and socio-legal studies at that university. While residing in Kirkenes she is concluding her dissertation on the knowledge construction of sexual crimes in the criminal laws on procedure and on evidence. She will go on to undertake a post-doc project focussing conditions of consensus-making in legal and criminal multilateral cooperation in the northern borderland between Norway, Russia and Finland. This will be part of the research programme "The Construction and Negotiation of Borders" undertaken jointly by the Finnmark University College and the BAI, for further details, see the research pages of the BAI.

Morten Torgersrud, Jessica Shadian and Victoria Tevlina at the coffee lounge of the Barents Institute.
Photo Urban Wråkberg.
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