The executive staff of the Barents Institute consists of two experts:
research director Urban Wråkberg and administrative manager Svein Helge Orheim.
Research Director Urban Wråkberg
Apart from the executive duties in running the institute, he develops its research agenda and its international and Barents networks based on more than two decades of professional experience of research and field studies in the Barents Region, the Sub and High Arctic and in Antarctica. He does research as member of the European Science Foundation Eurocores programme Boreas: Histories from the North: Environments, Movements, Narratives, for which he has a funding from the Norwegian Research Council. Read more

Administrative Manager Svein Helge Orheim
Based on two decades of professional experience from the educational, research & developments sectors of northern Norway, Orheim furthers the regional cooperation and out-reach of the institute. He is in charge of the economic administration and the logistics of the institutes.
E-mail: svein at

Svein Helge Orheim, with Kirkenes in the background.
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