The basic funding of the Barents Institute will attain improved stability by being transferred to the regular Norwegian state budget, following a decision by the Ministry of Education and Research

Kirkenes seen towards the north, from Prestefjellet. Photo Urban Wr�kberg

Kirkenes seen towards the north, from Prestefjellet. Photo Urban WråkbergThe initial ownership of the Barents Institute was divided among a rather dispersed group of small shareholders, while the main funding of the Institute has been contributed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was declared already on the opening of the Institute that this support was only going to be forthcoming during the initial years of operation.It is thus very gratifying that more stable funding now has been secured for the future from the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

This governmental decision is based on a condensation of the ownership to one holder: the University of Tromsø. This was formally achieved at the final General Assembly of the original shareholders held in Kirkenes on the 14th October 2008.

The present board has fewer members than the previous one but permanently includes representatives from the University Colleges of Bodø and Finnmark. The Institute will develop its engagement in higher education, facilitate activities of visiting scholars, and continue its research based on networking and close collaboration in the Barents Region and internationally.

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